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Automated email or as it is commonly referred to as an email auto responder. Or auto response system by most.  Simply put an autoresponder is a means in which a business or individual can deliver emails automatically to a list of clients or prospects.  This of course is the most basic level of telling you about them, so let’s take a look at more of what autoresponders can do for you and how valuable it is for you to get one if you are not currently using one. Take a peek at this video and check out my take on how important it is to have an autoresponder.

Automated Email How Important is it to Your Business?

Automated email can be an effective way for you to present your product, service or any offer to your list.  When you get an autoresponder you have the ability to send an automated series of emails to your list. You can also send different automated email messages to different lists.  Imagine having the ability to communicate with different segments of your audience about specific topics!  With an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse you can do exactly that.

So firstly let’s look at 3 of the main benefits of having an autoresponder.

1. Send out focused, automated emails

2. Build Your Client/Prospect Database

3. Ability to send Broadcast messages

Sending Out Automated Emails

Having some automated email marketing is a powerful tool for your business.  You can market multiple offers for various products and services. All with individual automated emails going to specific lists when you use one of a few automated email programs. Sending out your emails with an automated email software gives you the ability to save time. Saving time is always a concern.

Building YOUR LIST…

This is probably the most important factor of having an autoresponder.  When you build a list YOU OWN IT! Nobody can take your list from you. YOU can communicate as often as you like. YOU can determine when to make an offer and when to give value.  We will talk more about that when you go through my -Automated Email Set Up Course.

Broadcast Messages

A broadcast message is simply an email that you send out that is not part of a pre-written automated series.  This type of email communication can be written and sent immediately. Or messages can be scheduled to be sent on a specific date and time. These messages can be sent to a single or multiple lists.

SEE how an automated email system works by checking out the Automated Email Set Up Series. This is a walk through of the entire process with no missing steps or assumptions.  This is a REAL step by step guide to get your automated email marketing working.

Watching the video series will walk you through the whole process quickly and easily!

Automated Email Set Up Series Includes:

1.Get Your Own Autoresponder Account Set Up

   (I show you my 2 favorites) You can choose which you like best.

2.Create an Email List

3.Create An automated follow up series

In addition to this free training you can  also tap into my LIVE-FreeDailyCoaching

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