My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro-Online Marketing Platform

My Lead System Pro or as it is commonly known MLSP is a lead generation system and marketing platform.

If you are like many people and you are simply OVERWHELMED with all of the choices then you are right where I was not too long ago…  If you will indulge me for just a moment I believe you will see why I have an entire page dedicated entirely to My Lead System Pro.

My Lead System Pro

Bert Bledsoe speaking at Live the Dream V.

So here is the backstory on MLSP, and let me make a quick disclaimer before we continue…

Yes, I once was a broke and frankly desperate member of a network marketing company. Like most people probably yourself included, I was SUPER PASSIONATE about sharing this new opportunity with everyone and anyone. Anyone that would listen that is. So I totally get it when people tell me, ” I already talked to all my family and friends, now what?” I usually hear that question multiple times a day! YEAH everyday people are struggling to get new leads and generate more business for their team. The best part is today because of a few simple actions that I am happy to share with you; there is no more chasing family and friends and no more spamming online like a troll…

Now I also must tell you that I started to follow a few steps, then a few more and then like a wildfire new leads, sales, and team members started rolling in! The part that was exciting was that I was doing it all online. I didn't have to invite anyone to my house, I didn't have to call anyone if I didn't want to. I mean how easy could it get?
You're probably thinking is this for real? Is this guy serious? ABSOLUTELY, and the crazy part is that I hadn't done any online marketing or online sales before this. Remember I was a struggling network marketer…

So I found this online lead generation system called MLSP or My Lead System Pro. It was being promoted by one of my original mentors, and now a great friend of mine; Rob Fore. At the time I had no idea that Rob was an seo wizard and he had created crazy tools like RANK & STICK . He was actually promoting a way to generate leads for your mlm business, and that is EXACTLY what I needed! Does that ring a bell?   So I was at a place similar to where you are now I was looking to make a splash in my business and I kind of needed a little direction…

Like my buddy Rob and many others I have been able to generate a ton of leads for my business! In addition have made a significant amount of earnings as an affiliate of MLSP. Although I never started out looking to earn extra money while I was out promoting my business, it happened!  It actually happens A LOT! SO….


Take a look at all of this:

Weekly Live Training: Every Monday through Friday you can access the MLSP Daily Call!  In addition My Lead System Pro hosts three weekly webinars!

Mon: Member Orientation (Hosted by Keysha Bass) I hosted this training for over two years before passing the baton to Keysha… This is a great way to have an interactive live webinar with a current leader using the system on a regular basis.

Tue: Afternoon Hangout… This webinar is usually a powerful midday punch of marketing hosted by an MLSP leader this runs at 3pm EST and usually goes about 60mins.

Wed:Weekly Powerhouse Webinar- Featuring all of the My Lead System Pro leaders, founders, EMT,MMT, and Industry Experts LIVE every Wednesday @9pmEST

Massive Online Community:  Over the past few years, I’ve met some pretty incredible people inside of the MLSP Facebook group before we have ever had an opportunity to meet face to face. The great part about having an active group of online marketers from all over the world is that no matter when or where you are, there is sure to be somebody else up and active to connect with in the group!   Additionally you can usually connect with some of the leaders of the community as they are active in the group!

Done For You Capture Pages.  MLSP has created the ENTIRE FUNNEL FOR YOU! Yep all you have to do is promote your link and your ready to generate some leads! You can simply join the affiliate program and you will actually get to make some extra cash if you refer people and they use the marketing platform as well.

      Affiliate Program. You can actually promote the platform or various tools and services that MLSP provides and earn a commission. This is very helpful when marketing online, simply because the more tools and resources that you can assist people with the more valuable you become!

Custom Lead Generation or Sales Funnel Builder (Funnelizer):   You can build CUSTOM lead generation funnels or sales funnels for any business that you want to promote! Imagine being able to create a sales page in just minutes… Well with Funnelizer you absolutely can!  And with my BONUS training your sure to get going quick!

Personal Blog (MLSP SITES):  You want to start a blog or a website, but you don't know all the TECH STUFF right? Or you don't want to get your domain, and hosting, and ssl certificates and blah, blah blah, YOU JUST WANT A WEBSITE, RIGHT?  You  GET IT, with MLSP SITES!  You get your own custom domain and theme where you can with a few simple clicks set up your website…   In addition for those that want to dig in a bit deeper, My Lead System Pro has included an entire video library of blogging basics to expert tips for you to access with SITES!


You Want MLSP, So What Will It Cost You?

Let me make it SUPER EASY for you to get started today with a 10 Day Trial for only $10…  The best part is after 10 days if your not completely and absolutely GLAD you got your 10 day trial, you can simply request a no questions asked refund… However with all of the value that you are about to get with MLSP, and with the incredible BONUSES that I am going to GIVE YOU just for deciding to get started with MLSP, I am sure you will be so busy working with your new team members, generating leads daily and counting your commissions that you will barely have time to send me a text to say Thanks for showing me My Lead System Pro!


These BONUSES are yours to claim!

Since joining as an MLSP affiliate and using the platform for my own marketing, I realized a few important things… Instead of telling you about all the challenges and obstacles that most people face when they start any online endeavor, let me simply show you the EXTRA TIME SAVING TOOLS and RESOURCES that You will be able to use in your marketing….

Bert Bledsoe & Rob Fore Exclusive Online Marketing Trainings

One-on-One Call – Welcome to the private group & strategy session

Marketing BootCamp


SUPER BONUS PACK for Annual Subscribers…

Your direct blog RSS feed sent to Rank & Stick for an entire year ($3024 Annual Value)

Thousands of Royalty Free Images for your website ($365 Annual Value) Thats at only $1 a day….

Video Rank Sniper- Cutting Edge Video Tool ($47 Annual Value)