Prospecting tips for network marketing or any business prospecting

Prospecting tips are always a great addition to your business.

Is prospecting something that you fear?  Do you feel like prospecting turns you into a used car salesman? Well,  STOP!!  Prospecting can be fun, prospecting can be easy, and prospecting  can help you take your business to the next level.

Are you filled with fear when it comes to picking up the telephone?

Do you seem to draw a blank when the person on the other end answers?


Your not alone~ Many of of us struggled to learn this Essential skill.

Prospecting is a skill set that really sounds so cold and impersonal sometimes…


Imagine if you could turn that “used car salesman” off and become the CONSULTANT

that everyone was looking for.  When your prospecting becomes about the other person

and your the consultant that provides solutions…….



Really think about the people that you deal with.  Can you think of that guy or gal  that your always trying to avoid because he or she is constantly throwing some CHEESEY pitch at you?  Or spamming your Facebook wall with a super money matrix multiplier system that  you only need .02 to start and  they will build your entire downline and in 30 days you will be sipping Margarita’s in Cancun…..

When you think of that person your mind shutters….


Now think of those polar bears…..Did you think of the Coca Cola bears?  Many do! Why because when Coke is running commercials they want people to feel warm and cuddly, friendly and inviting…. Not slimy, shady and untrustworthy..


So what can YOU do in YOUR business, your marketing or branding to PROSPECT like a polished professional.  How do you become that CONSULTANT?

The first step is to recognize how valuable the skill of PROSPECTING is…

Imagine how the internet has changed just in the last 5 years….

Now try and imagine what it was like 15 years ago… if your old enough to have used the internet

15years ago.  Now imagine how its going to continue to change.  Do you want to learn new technical skills every time that the  internet changes?  Or would you like to have Prospecting in your “bag o tricks”?


Prospecting is the foundation for building a business.  No matter what your doing prospecting is required.  Really when we talk about prospecting we are really talking about communication with people.  These people may or may not become future customers, clients or business partners.  Regardless of the time frame communication is vital when it comes to prospecting so how can you and how should you communicate with people?


The required skills to become an effective communicator and in turn a more effective prospector can be learned.  You don't have to get a college degree in communications and you don't have to go to a neural linguistic programming seminar.  What you do need to do is invest in some training.  Becoming an effective prospecting machine can be learned as easily as following someone that has a proven track record and a system that works.  I did exactly that!  I followed someone that already had success.  This saved me and will save You precious hours of time and a few bucks too.


Here is an interview I did with Master Recruiter Bill Pescosolido, YOU will get a minimum of 3 solid techniques just by watching this entire video.. Enjoy this video and connect with me  to learn how to have FUN in prospecting!

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