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Do MLM Rankings Matter?

Do MLM rankings matter?

Hi guys Bert Bledsoe here coming to you from Colorado Springs. Today I want to talk about MLM rankings. What is a MLM ranking have to do with your participation in that MLM? A lot of people are concerned about MLM rankings and they want to know, well, what is my particular MLM ranking?


Where is it in the top 100 or the top 50? Let me ask you this question: does it matter? Does it really matter where your MLM is ranking or what your MLM rankings are for your participation, for your ability to participate; is that going to be determined based on that MLM ranking? I don’t think so.

I think that if you’re ready to take a step forward, if you’re ready to make a move and build your business than no matter what that MLM ranking is, whether it’s a MLM ranking of 100 or it’s at the bottom of the MLM rankings, it won’t matter because you’re the secret ingredient.  You’re the part of the equation that’s really the secret sauce.

It’s not necessary to have a MLM that is super highly ranked or is in maybe the top 10 or top 50 even, what’s really important is that you’re prepared, that you’re trained, that you’re part of a system that will help you develop the team that you want to build.

Forget about the MLM rankings; forget about what you’re particular MLM ranking is and move forward with your skill set. If you’re looking for MLM rankings to find a company then what I would consider and what I would encourage for you is to find someone that’s building a team; someone like myself that’s already been in the home-based business industry.

Someone that’s in the MLM that’s actually getting results. I’ve actually been able to put together an amazing team. My team is actually duplicating. That’s nothing to do with what our MLM rankings is or where we’re at in the top 100 companies, it has to do with the system we’re building and the duplication process that we put into place.

If that sounds like something that you’re interested in please subscribe to my YouTube channel and then go down in the description and follow one of those links and I’ll get you plugged in and show you why MLM rankings don’t matter. I’ll see you guys on the inside.

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