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Network Marketing Leads Using Youtube

network marketing leadsNetwork Marketing Leads

Using Youtube

Network marketing leads using Youtube are not difficult to get if you use a system.
Maybe you are brand new to networking and marketing systems. Maybe, you have been in mlm for years and need to succeed. If either of these apply then you need leads, and I can show you how to get network marketing leads using Youtube.

Now this is not a bunch of hype and sales. This is a system for you to use to get network marketing leads each and everyday. You can get targeted leads coming to you.
Wouldn’t it make it much easier if the leads came to you instead of you chasing people, or paying for  leads?

So, just a few months ago, I was looking online just like you are right now. I was trying to figure out how I could use the internet to generate more network marketing leads.
I needed to make some money, I needed to build my team. I was out of answers.

Are you tired? Are you out of answers? Are you ready to SUCCEED?

Do you want to know EXACTLY how to get new network marketing leads using Youtube everyday?
Here you go: http://treb.masterleadgen.com/ This is the same training I use.

Network marketing can be an amazing business and an incredible opportunity.
Your success depends entirely on your efforts! That was my experience.
By getting into some training I was able to start to generate new network marketing leads daily.
I started getting daily leads and it continues to build. IMAGINE: you are getting 5-10 focused network marketing leads into your personal email on auto pilot!

If you take the opportunity that I am giving you right now to grab the training that will take you to the TOP, you will achieve your goals.
The training that I am offering is for those that are READY to WIN! READY TO ROCK!

I am looking for 3 maybe 4 individuals that are ready to get into the training and become network marketing leads MASTERS!!!

Are you ready to start to LEARN so you can EARN?
YEAH, that’s what I’m talking about. Invest in YOU! Network marketing leads are going to pour into your life if you do the right things. IF not, no network marketing leads for you.

HOW DOES Network marketing leads TRAINING SOUND?

ONE ON ONE TRAINING (1hr. FREE individual training with ME)
Just what I have mentioned above is going to boost your network marketing leads.
The real question is what is all that worth? Well I could tell you and I could charge you, like many others. I am not going to do that!
FREE FREE FREE, I am going to give it all to you, just for training yourself!!!

I am doing for you what somebody else did for me. NOW is your opportunity.
IF YOU NEED more network marketing leads, then just follow the link.
CU on the INSIDE


Prospecting tips for network marketing or any business prospecting

Prospecting tips are always a great addition to your business.

Is prospecting something that you fear?  Do you feel like prospecting turns you into a used car salesman? Well,  STOP!!  Prospecting can be fun, prospecting can be easy, and prospecting  can help you take your business to the next level.

Are you filled with fear when it comes to picking up the telephone?

Do you seem to draw a blank when the person on the other end answers?


Your not alone~ Many of of us struggled to learn this Essential skill.

Prospecting is a skill set that really sounds so cold and impersonal sometimes…


Imagine if you could turn that “used car salesman” off and become the CONSULTANT

that everyone was looking for.  When your prospecting becomes about the other person

and your the consultant that provides solutions…….



Really think about the people that you deal with.  Can you think of that guy or gal  that your always trying to avoid because he or she is constantly throwing some CHEESEY pitch at you?  Or spamming your Facebook wall with a super money matrix multiplier system that  you only need .02 to start and  they will build your entire downline and in 30 days you will be sipping Margarita’s in Cancun…..

When you think of that person your mind shutters….


Now think of those polar bears…..Did you think of the Coca Cola bears?  Many do! Why because when Coke is running commercials they want people to feel warm and cuddly, friendly and inviting…. Not slimy, shady and untrustworthy..


So what can YOU do in YOUR business, your marketing or branding to PROSPECT like a polished professional.  How do you become that CONSULTANT?

The first step is to recognize how valuable the skill of PROSPECTING is…

Imagine how the internet has changed just in the last 5 years….

Now try and imagine what it was like 15 years ago… if your old enough to have used the internet

15years ago.  Now imagine how its going to continue to change.  Do you want to learn new technical skills every time that the  internet changes?  Or would you like to have Prospecting in your “bag o tricks”?


Prospecting is the foundation for building a business.  No matter what your doing prospecting is required.  Really when we talk about prospecting we are really talking about communication with people.  These people may or may not become future customers, clients or business partners.  Regardless of the time frame communication is vital when it comes to prospecting so how can you and how should you communicate with people?


The required skills to become an effective communicator and in turn a more effective prospector can be learned.  You don't have to get a college degree in communications and you don't have to go to a neural linguistic programming seminar.  What you do need to do is invest in some training.  Becoming an effective prospecting machine can be learned as easily as following someone that has a proven track record and a system that works.  I did exactly that!  I followed someone that already had success.  This saved me and will save You precious hours of time and a few bucks too.


Here is an interview I did with Master Recruiter Bill Pescosolido, YOU will get a minimum of 3 solid techniques just by watching this entire video.. Enjoy this video and connect with me  to learn how to have FUN in prospecting!

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”360″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cDovL3d3dy55b3V0dWJlLmNvbS93YXRjaD92PXN5dllHcXAySENr[/video_player]

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Network Marketing As A Business

Network Marketing As A Business

Many people often ask me how Network Marketing can be a business?  I often wonder the very same question. How could it be a business?  Network marketing is a method of marketing. Right? Are we not talking about  an individual marketing style?  I would say YES! Network marketing is simply one specific way to market a business or opportunity.

Network Marketing As A Business- Impossible!

If you agree with me and apparently Wikipedia. Now you can take a look at network marketing as a function of a business. Many business models use this type marketing.  You will find every product and service that you can imagine being marketed using networking.  You may also have heard the terms multi level marketing or direct sales.  Both of these terms are commonly used interchangeably.  So it would be very difficult to say network marketing is my business. Rather you would most likely say I use network marketing to market my business.


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”left” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj16MVZaUUZmUHd1NA==[/video_player]

Network Marketing Is An Option In Business

Network marketing is a technique used to market a business.  You could even use networking to sell a product or a service and begin to create a business using this type of marketing. Think about a simple networking event that you may attended recently.  Or maybe you are single and have attended a live mixer. These types of events are a great example of networking. Now imagine that as a business owner you could start to market a product or service to those individuals.  That is the idea of network marketing. You can find out more about exactly What is Network Marketing to get a better idea.


Check out the Stats!  (Direct Selling Association & U.S. Census statistics):

-Someone starts a new home business every 10 seconds (U.S.).

-15.8 Million people working from home full-time (U.S.).

-Another 38 million or 12% of the total population working from home part-time (U.S.).

-8,493 new home businesses open every day (U.S.).

-Increasing by over 600,000 people per year (U.S.).

-82% of distributors are female and 18% are male (U.S.).

-By 2015, it is estimated that 50% of homes will be involved in the MLM Industry (U.S.).

-$28.56 billion in Direct Sales (Network Marketing) in 2010 (U.S.).

-23% of all Network Marketing sales are related to the Wellness Industry (U.S.).

-Average work from home income $59,250 per year (U.S.).

-20% of home based entrepreneurs said that their business grossed between $100,000 and $500,000 last year (U.S.).

-Home based business wage earner’s success rate is over 85% compared with small businesses like retail shops and restaurants, at about 95% failure rate after 5 years.

-84% recommend working from home to others (U.S.).

-29% work at home with other family members (U.S.).

If you thought the United States Network Marketing statistics were good, the World-wide MLM statistics are MASSIVE!


Achieve Your Dreams!

How TO Achieve ANY GOAL the YOU Desire!

Achieve your dreams!  Can you imagine how differently your life would look if you could attain any goal?

What would change if YOU could make a plan today that would change your life forever?

Seems like it would look a heck of a lot different for sure!

So your probably wondering, what is this magical trick?

How can it be possible to REACH ANY GOAL and achieve your dreams?

The answer isn’t something that I came up with out of thin air, and it’s not some ideal that sounds good but when applied simply falls apart. This is a FORMULA for success!

What I am about to share with you is a way to conduct business that has been in use and WORKING DAILY for 1000’s! The steps to reaching your goal and achieving your dreams are outlined below.

Now the reality is that I have simply learned these lessons as well, and am now trying to pass them on as easily as I can to YOU!  Why would I share? Why would I give up the SECRETS?  Well mostly because I am a giver!  And because the world prospers when we as individuals prosper so let’s CREATE PROSPERITY together and make the world we live in a better place for everyone.

To reach YOUR goals they first have to be clearly defined.  In this example we will be using a monetary goal for a few reasons.  The first reason is for simplicity. The second reason is that Money is a HUGE motivator and many have a financial goal already in mind. So we will take for this example a number that for some reason seems to be the current target goal for many of $10,000.   There is not time frame here we will simply use this number as our target to reach.

The next step is to break the target or goal that your working towards into manageable amounts.  What does that look like?  Let me give you an example that was broken down to me that I think will clearly illustrate this.

GOAL= $10,000

1 sale at $10,000

2 sales @ $5,000

8 sales @ $1,250

10 sales @ $1,000

20 sales @ $500

Even 100 @ $100

Looking at this breakdown you can see that the large goal now is totally within grasp.

By attacking the number and breaking it down we can create a situation or situations,

that allow YOU to now VISUALIZE this happening! You can now create the picture in your mind’s eye and begin to manifest your goal.

Identifying your goal is the first step.  The second step is to Attack the numbers and create a scenario that YOU CAN VISUALIZE happening.  Once you have done the first two steps you are ready to to take the next step. This step is really the final step for you to have a FORMULA for SUCCESS, a Blueprint to BUILD YOUR DREAMS!

The third step in this process is a question.  Wait… What?  A question?

How can a step be a question?  Your probably thinking wait a minute here

comes the part where he leaves out the final step and tries to sell it to me.

Absolutely not! The third step is a question YOU have to answer so you can provide the solution to your prospective customers. The final piece of the puzzle is now yours.

Step 3- The Question

Again this question is one that was posed to me by another marketer one that I have mentored with and trained with to be able to apply these principles in my business as well as pass them along to others just like you!

Here is what you should be asking yourself:  What do I need to offer that would cause someone to HAPPILY and GLADLY give me (X) amount of dollars?

Once you can answer the question in step 3 you can now become a POWERHOUSE!

With a combination of Step 1-Identifying your goal, Step 2- Attacking the Numbers, and Step 3- Asking a question you now have all of the elements to go reach your goal!

Want to learn more about this and other Marketing Strategies?

All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter!

Simply fill out the form on this page or visit

http://www.bertbledsoe.com and subscribe today!